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Conditions for email subscription
Email subscription is a service that has started in March 2003.

The following conditions apply.

  • Klup cannot give any guarantee for the correctness of the information provided.
  • Klup cannot be held responsible if any information that is subscribed for is not actually sent.
  • Klup reserves the right to end or change the email service. Klup reserves the right to restrict the number of users to the email service. One reason for doing this may be to reduce the load that the email service generates.
  • Klup reserves the right to temporarily stop the service and ask the subscriber to subscribe again. Such a situation can occur when klup has reason to believe the subscription is not used, or when there are technical changes in the klup system that make it difficult to continue the subscription in the same form.
  • Subscribers agree to use the subscription service with the only reason to be informed about the subscribed information.
  • Subscribers agree only to submit the subscription through manual use of a browser.
  • Subscribers agree not to use the information for commercial purposes without prior written permission by klup.
  • Subscribers agree to respect the copyright of the information.
  • Subscribers agree not to distribute the informaton received from klup withour prior written permission.
  • Klup reserves the right to take action against users when klup believes they are trying to harm the service, or when klup believes they are not using it according to these conditions.
  • Klup offers this service for free, but reserves the right to charge subscribers in the future. Klup will notify subscribers by email in advance.
  • Subscribers can terminate their subscription any time. Klup will provide a procedure for doing so. Subscribers can only terminate or change the subscriptions using this procedure.
  • Klup reserves the right to accompany the emails with the information with commercial messages.
  • Klup will not supply the email address to a third parties without prior permission of the subscriber.
  • These conditions are effective under Dutch law. The registration is in accordance with Dutch law to protect personal data in registers: 'Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens'.
Furthermore the general disclaimer applies.